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Nine Muses in Singapore Fan account from an Eunji stan.

[131230]  - Stolen soul


PROLOGUE : I stayed up until 5 am that day to finish up on my board, letter and gifts to Eunji. Damn I procrastinated well.

MISSION OF THE DAY : To get my fanboard autographed from Eunji. Hear Eunji sing the ‘10 Little Indian Songs’. Get phone autographed. Get other albums autographed

 ~~~ Approximately 13 hours later ~~~~

Reached Changi Airport with the other SG Mines. Rachel and I was all like “OMG my heart. Damn nervous sia.” I prepared my stuff. Had 3 markers in pocket and was holding 3. One was about to betray me. 2 glass doors and a bunch of unnecessary plants were blocking us (Seriously Changi Airport staff? Remove those plants please they don’t even look nice) Then suddenly a few was them was like “OH!” I stood up and heard some of them saying Eunji’s name. O.O But then she was already gone out of my sight. Heart was booming. I was trying to find the other members who were way inside the arrival hall(?) Spotted some of the members and feels meter was rising. Wow like wow so far but being able to see them only about 100 meters away, it’s so dreamlike.

A few minutes passed of us spotting the other members and squealing followed by shushing each other. Eunji and Erine suddenly appeared from the left. My first time seeing Eunji. I couldn’t remember what was in my mind at that time but I can tell you that my feels were going crazy. Yan then ‘accidentally’ shouted Erine. Erine heard that and she turned while walking back. She had a :O expression. Possibly surprised at how we found out about their flight details? >.< Eunji didn’t turned. I know that cos I was staring at her.

Both of them then were back with the other members. I think Erine told Eunji and the other members. Only then I saw Eunji looking at us for the first time. One by one the members looked at the fans. Being tall, I hold up my big ass fanboard as high as I can, waving it to catch the attention of the members. I guess Eunji saw my board and waved at us. All of us squealed. The squealing session did not stop as other members too started to wave at us.

They started moving. We started to get ready our gifts and what not. Cameras on standby. Feet ready to move. Heart ready to get filled with feels. There were two glass doors. Nine Muses and staff were actually walking towards the left one where all of us was gathered in front of. They suddenly drifted to the door on the right. APA LAGI us fans also rushed to the right door. I used burst shot to capture the moment. Holy cow Eunji’s top is so low cut(Didn’t notice it at the moment. Found out only after looking through the pictures) I swear she was waving at me since her name was on my board. (Also the fact that I was basically towering over the other fans)

Even with shades, she looks so wow. She had her hair bun which exposes her face (and neck line) more and wow. What a stunning view. I didn’t noticed the other members as my eyes were all on Eunji. As she walked to the left I followed along.

At the end of the short walkway where the fans were divided between the Muses, I head on went to approach Eunji. Stumbled abit while walking because I was trying to hold my big ass board and pass my gifts to Eunji. (Oh Jairia also got a gift for Eunji and asked me to pass it together) Immediately I stopped her before she manage to run away. The other members of Nine Muses just went pass her and I don’t know the order BECAUSE I WAS IN THE PRESENCE OF PARK EUN JI. Passed her the bag of gifts and she said “Oh thank you. What is it” or smth like that. My brain could not come up with words and I couldn’t remember the exact words that I said but I wanted to say presents for you but it came out smth like “Present…gift…” Immediately after that I showed her my board asking for a signature.  I let her choose from 3 different coloured markers (Lavender,Gold,Silver). MARKER BETRAYAL NO 1. She chose silver BUT IT WOULDN’T FREAKING OPEN. Quickly opened the gold one and passed to her. She asked where and I said anywhere. As she was signing a manager came up and asked her to move on cos she was clearly the last member left behind. I could see the commotion in front which was the other members with the other fans while I was left with Eunji (and manager. Tsk) all alone. HOW HEAVENLY.

My feels. My feels went over the top like never before.

She quickly went away with the manager after that and she quickly was out of my sight. My mind was clearly blank and I tried to find the other fans to ask them what to do next. As I walked towards the escalator I saw Rachel who has been zombified as well (apparently by Sera).  Yan rushed pass me and I follow suit. I saw some chiongster fans were already at the bottom of the escalator but was stopped by the manager (for safety reasons).  *INVISIBLE BARRIER* We stood about 100 meters behind and saw the members leaving the area into the pick-up area. I shouted “Welcome to Singapore” and the other fans shouted some stuff too. I was like “was that it?” as we stood there. Then the fans started to follow along to the pick-up area.

There was a lady who asked VIv who it was. The lady then went “Oh! They’re very famous!” (then why you ask who are they -.-) Another guy (presumably her friend) said that he sat between them. WTF. I gave him thumbs up (but booed him in my heart). I saw Minha & Hyemi (back seat), Kyungri & Sam (passenger seat) and Sam (front seat). Took some pics and saw how Hyuna told Minha someone was calling her and she was turning around like a fool trying to find out who. HOW CUTE.

I then went to the first van as I realised Eunji wasn’t in the current one. Moved over and saw Erine, Sera, Sunga and guess who? EUNJI. Waved my board non stop to her. Like wave and wave and wave. Then she saw and waved backed. FEELS. I was taking photos while waving, imagine how hard it is please. Spam spam photos and Erine rolled down her window. Like wow not wearing shades so confident of her beauty! Very pretty Erine indeed! The members were like waving waving waving and us fans too were like waving waving waving also. *Note : This “280” incident and Sera taking photo of the fans incident may have been the other way round* Then there was this one moment where Eunji rolled down her window to wave too. SPAM PHOTO LAH WHAT ELSE. As she was rolling up the window Yan shouted “280” in Korean. I knew it sounded familiar. Eunji was like “wtf” and stopped winding up her window. She shouted “280” back and continue to roll up the window. Was spamming photos and kept on waving at Eunji. She made some aegyo poses (PLEASE EUNJI I’M ALREADY DYING). Caught some photos of that but can’t see clearly cos of the tinted window.

Sera then talked to Eunji. Eunji turned and wind down the window abit. APA LAGI us fans posed for a photo lah sia! RYU SERA WAS TAKING A PHOTO OF US. I was taking a video of it as well though it was short. VIDEO : Sera’s tweet : Sera then asked if she could posted it on twitter and I kept on nodding while saying yes.

Eunji was looking through my gift bag and took out the small minion plushie which Jairia gave. She was smiling brightly as she hold it up. I was like smiling while nodding while giving her a thumbs up (Idk how to react okay) Yan then said that Eunji says that she likes it. Nod and smile and thumbs up. Erine then took a photo with Siti(I think) and I straight went to the van to take a closer photo of Eunji.

She saw me walking and wind down her window. TOTALLY DID NOT EXPECT THAT. Wanted to take a photo of her but in the end took a photo WITH her. Rachel was there too so she volunteered to help me take the photo (How kind ILY Rach :3) Told Rachel to take using burst shot and she was like “I know…” OH MY GOSH HOW I WAS OVERWHELM WITH FEELS AT THAT MOMENT. I hold up my board while smiling as bright as I could as I posed for the camera. Rachel really used burst shot hahha.

OMG OOMG A PICTURE WITH EUNJI. UNBELIEBABLE. LIKE WOW. Eunji then asked for another photo

*evidence* Eunji said “One more one more” and Rachel went “One more?” Eunji said yeah or okay or whatever (can’t remember exact words she said, I was high) I then passed her the board asking her to hold it. She hold it with her right hand guess what she did with her left hand? POKED MY CHEEK WITH HER INDEX FINGER. WTF THE DIMPLE QUEEN WAS MAKING A DIMPLE ON MY CHEEK. SHE TOOK MY SOUL THROUGH HER INDEX FINGER. I FELT MY SOUL LEAVING MY BODY THROUGH MY RIGHT CHEEK.

I think I said thank you multiple times after that happened. Like WOW. Seriously. UGHHH. Went back to the other fans and just waved at Nine Muses as they left for their hotel. The feels of all the fans was so high at that moment. Each of us was spazzing like siao. Ended the day with a high note and the earliest out of the 4 days (reached home around 9 plus)

MISSION STATUS :To get my fanboard autographed from Eunji. Hear Eunji sing the ‘10 Little Indian Songs’. Get phone autographed. Get other albums autographed

[131231] – Still no soul


MISSION OF THE DAY : Eunji sing the ‘10 Little Indian Songs’. Get phone autographed. Get other albums autographed.

We arrived at the hotel at aroung 9+/10 and the first thing I saw as the hotel doors opened was Eunji sitting at the café. LIKE WTF EARLY MORNING SEE MY BIAS HOW CAN NOT GO CRAZY. She and her bun-ed up hair like the previous day. Also spotted Minha and Kyungri. I think Minha and Eunji saw us fans and moved to a seat not viewable to us. Then the English speaking manager came out and told us not to take photo of the members as they wanted to have a comfortable breakfast(?). We then passed the food support to the manager (which was about 5kg) and some gifts for the members. We then just stood outside as the members have already went up.  Some were fixing boards, finishing up letters just hobo-ing while waiting for the members.

All of a sudden I heard “Eunji Eunji…”. Totally woke up from my hobo state and look around. EUNJI WITH SHORTS. WOW. At first we thought Eunji was only with a manager and a stylist unnie but then it turns out to be Sera OMFG. They saw as and we waved at them. Waved my fan board and Eunji waved back at me. Eunji was wearing heels too so every step she took every breathe she make I was watching her~~ LIKE CATWALKING SIOL SHE. Rachel and I was like inching forward bit by bit not knowing to go after them or to stay put. Nasha asked us to just go only what for scared. Rachel and I was still frozen and unsure what to do. So we just stay put.

Clarissa, Nasha, Rachel and I decided to wait outside while the others went into the hotel to wait. Rachel and I kept on talking about what to do when they come back. We were damn anxious. We decided to ask for their autograph when they come back. That was our plan. The fans became sort of like a “Mission Impossible” team. Roger-ing each other, taking preview pics of the manager when they spotted him. I became so paranoid that I told them that there was a girl waiting outside also and suspected her to be a casual fan. I was so sure and was about to execute her when they gave the cue. But then Rachel went to the girl and found out that the girl was just waiting for a friend. I was still suspicious of her.

We waited for about an hour or so before I saw SeJi and manager walking back. I went like “Seji seji!” and alerted the others inside. The 4 of us outside decided to stand in a line perpendicular to the hotel’s entrance as SeJi and manager walk in. Nasha was secretly recording the convo she had with Sera.

Nasha’s fancam  

I was gesturing to Eunji asking for a signature. I’m sure she was looking at me but probably felt like she did not need to since I didn’t approach her. SeJi then went in and Eunji waved at me (not caught in Nasha’s video) Rachel also stoned beside me. SUCH AN OPPORTUNITY WASTED. There was only 1 manager and if he were to block us we would be able to break through,right? UGHHH . Rach and I blamed each other for not doing anything. We then went in where the others were and they told us they shushed Sera (WTFBBQ). Read the other’s fan accounts for more details. They can’t stop mentioning how hot Eunji looked. I was like why really that revealing meh then they were like YAH WHITE TRANSLUCENT TOP WITH BLACK BRA. Did I really zoned out to not have noticed that?! I only noticed the hot pants and heels though. WHY RANDOM PEOPLE I CAN NOTICE SO MUCH BUT MY BIAS I CAN’T.

We got chased out soon after so we just waited outside at our usual spot. Soon we got the message from the ‘spies’ inside the hotel that they were coming out. Damn the security for blocking us. I saw Eunji going to the second van. She was very noticeable as she’s the only one who bun her hair. Saw Sam standing and looking at us fans. She wasn’t even wearing shades. Wow Queen Sam indeed. Then I heard Kyungri (or was it Hyuna) asking Jung Rak (Korean Mine) whether he was from korea or something like that. Eunji was in the same van with Sam and was sitting behind Kyungri who was beside Sam. Sam wound down the window as the van was moving and I saw Eunji waving at me from the back.

Clarissa, Suhaili, Jairia and myself shared a cab and went down to MBS. The cab uncle damn funny I tell you. He asked who were we waving at and we told them that they’re a kpop group and he went Ohhhh. As we were arriving we saw the 3 black vans. We were just a white van behind it as we reached the loading bay. The cab uncle insisted to go in because he said he wanted to see the members also (UNCLE PLS) We had to get off there as the cab couldn’t get in. We met the others and found out we couldn’t see the members practicing so we left for dinner. We went to hobo with Thai Mine (@lemon_muses follow him guys. He can dance) under a staircase.  There some of the girls watched Nine Muses MVs while squealing while some took a nap. I was writing my letter to Eunji which was supposed to be given at the hotel (Was too tired the night before to write). They saw my letter and asked whether it was an essay instead LOL. Others decided to write a letter too.

I left earlier cos I was meeting my friend to watch the fireworks. Suddenly I got a call from Yan. She said that Nine Muses has already finished their stage and was leaving MBS. Yan and the others was heading to hotel. I was like OMG NM please don’t go back so soon I have the fireworks to see with my friend wait for me! Then I heard those who went back to the hotel met the members and even got their autographs. How sad I was. Told my friend we need to leave ASAP cos I’ve another letter to write. Being Korean, my friend helped me to translate some words and I tell you my letter has so many Konglish it’s hilarious. He helped me till 3am and I went home to finish up my letter. Another long day ahead.

MISSION STATUS :Eunji sing the ‘10 Little Indian Songs’. Get phone autographed. Get other albums autographed.

[140101] – Concert Day


MISSION OF THE DAY Give letter. Get phone autographed. Get other albums autographed. Eunji sing the ‘10 Little Indian Songs’.

Decided not to go to the hotel so early as Nine Muses went out again after going back to the hotel. HUGE MISTAKE.

Was on the way with Rachel and received message that Eunji and a manager left the hotel for breakfast/lunch/shopping (who knows). Secretly hoping Eunji would take her time cos I’ve not reached the hotel yet and have a letter to pass to her! Just as we were about 4-5 stops away I got a message that Eunji was in sight from the other fans. I was like shit shit shit no please don’t go back in hajimaaaaaaaaaa. A moment of silence then the others spazzed at how hot damn Eunji looked that. I was like god damn I missed that. *a wee bit disappointed that none of them told Eunji that there was a fan of hers reaching soon T.T Oh well they’re probably stunned by her beauty. I don’t blame them*

So the wait for forever started after that. Decided to relax at the room that the Malaysian Mines booked(so kind of them). All 16 of us(+ my lost soul). Some had their lunch other just relaxed. I was planning on what to do when I meet Eunji. Sera tweeted (a hint for us?) and we all went down to get ready. It was not until about 2 hours later when the members then came down.

The tall security/hotel staff was there also, ready to cockblock us fans. I saw that Eunji was the first to the exit the lift and straight went to her. I called her name and she looked at me. Wanted to pass my letter but COCKBLOCKED BY THAT GUY. (He’s like 2m tall?! With shoulder pads and all I almost wrestled him down thinking he’s a rugby player.) Stuck my arm with my letter around him and Eunji saw it. Managed to get round him (luckily he just walled me and didn’t move from his spot) and went to Eunji straight. Passed her my letter and Yoong Jun managed to pass his too. As we (Eunji,Yoong Jun & I) were walking outside to the van I asked her to sign my black LG G2’s black Quickview Case. I passed her my phone and then she went “Oh? Same phone!”(not exact words but along that line) I was like “Huh???” and she lifted my phone to show her phone. WHITE LG G2 WITH BLACK QUICKVIEW CASE. AND SHE WAS PLAYING CANDY CRUSH. SAME PHONE MODEL DIFFERENT COLOUR EXACT SAME CASING. I went “YES AH!” loudly and I could hear Yoong Jun laughing at the back. I was holding a post it which has my name and asked her to write it as well. She looked and went “Ah.” She wrote F-A-T and asked “H?” in her sexy voice and I went “Yes. H. I. H” Totally swooned at her voice. Was practically swaying if anybody saw me.

Eunji returned my phone case and I thanked her. She was about to enter the second van but the manager said something so she moved to the first van. Don’t know why she walked back to the second van. She looks so cute pacing back and forth. As she was going to the first van, I showed her ** approximately at that part of the vid where she was singing the “10 little Indians” song. SHE LAUGHED. OMG. If only we had a bit more time I would’ve asked her to sing the song and do the cute actions. She then went to the front seat of the first car so Yoong Jun and I followed suit. I saw her opening my envelope and taking out my 2 letters to her. I kept on saying “Read the 2nd one read the second one!” but obviously she couldn’t hear me. Didn’t manage to take photos of Eunji though cos she was like in the front seat of the first van and I would have to like stand on the road if I were to get a shot of her.

Shared a cab to MBS with Suhaili and her sister as it was already 6+pm and the concert starts at around 7pm. In the cab I was staring at my casing non-stop. Couldn’t stop smiling. As I was exiting the cab at MBS I was so kan chiong that I dropped my newly signed phone casing WTFBBQFARTPLS. The casing totally popped out and had a scratch at the back. The phone didn’t shatter but there was a lining(or some defect-like-look) on the screen. Wasn’t major but still my heart ached so much because of that. Us fans decided to take a group photo and tweeted to the members.

During the concert I met @Uzentan. He was sitting just in front of me(not directly but a few seats to the side) so we greeted each other. He asked how I got so lucky to take a photo with Eunji. I just said my friends just ask me to come down to the airport that day and it just happened. Then I asked whether he was going to “scream and shout and let it all out” when Eunji performed and he said yeah to support her. EUN-JI CROSS. So in my section of 201 there was only 3 NM fans that I could identify – Me, Uzen and another guy who shouted for Kyungri (Suhaili/Jairia another rival for you guys).

The hall darkened and short clip of Nine Muses on the screen . I went wild like real wild. So kept on shouting during the performance and I think I even made up some fanchants (LOL can’t remember the original fanchants so just shout anyhow). There were a few times when Eunji looked to the left stage and I jumped and hold up my light stick and my LED board trying to catch her attention. Not being delusional, I THINK SHE SAW ME. I’M LIKE 178CM WITH WAVING LIGHTSTICK AND LED BOARD SO I’M SURE SHE SAW ME EVEN THOUGH I’M LIKE AT ROW AN WHICH IS LIKE SO FAR BACK. There was another time where she put her hand over her eyebrows as though looking for something/someone(DID SHE READ MY LETTER COS I MENTIONED I WOULD BE ON THE LEFT SIDE FACING THE STAGE) and once again I jumped and waved. SHE WAVED BACK OMG. And there was this one part where the group split up and went to the sides of the stages giving waves and fanservices to the fans.(was it WILD? I can’t remember somebody please update me if you have a fancam of that) Eunji was waving and I shot(YES SHOT) up of my seat and kept on jumping and waving like a drowning kid. As she was waving(once again not being delusional) SHE JUMPED AS SHE SAW ME. OH. MY. FREAKING. FEELS. Uzen saw that moment and he turned to look at me. I smiled at him as brightly as I can, while still jumping and waving. Didn’t took any fancams though. So high shouting and alternating between looking at the screen and the stage WHERE GOT TIME.

Hyemi retweeted Jairia’s tweet of us!

The photo we took before the concert. I just remembered that I did not hold up my board during the concert though(It was with Rachel). Worried that people at the back would complain but after what I went through  in the concert, I should have just brought my board along. Oh wellzxc. Kudos to the other Mines who shouted their lungs out though. I could hear them from my section.

Left straight away after they performed Figaro. Went back to the hotel after the concert. #10Muses were up all night to get lucky~~ More like we hobo-ed till 2am but didn’t get lucky. Some went wild(Jairia), some became extremely observant(Jairia). Cabbed home and prep myself for the last day.

MISSION STATUS Give letter. Get phone autographed. Get other albums autographed. Eunji sing the ‘10 Little Indian Songs’. Showed Eunji the ‘10 Little Indian Songs” video.

[140102] - Heartache


MISSION OF THE DAY : Get other albums autographed. Get Eunji to remember my name.

I had class. I skipped it. The things I do for Nine Muses.

Reached the hotel around 11/12+. Saw the others had already gathered inside and were writing messages behind the photos that Viv had printed out (how sweet. She even gave us a piece each for memories. LY Viv ♥) Wrote super long for Eunji, about a third of the photo? In purple somemore. If she doesn’t know it’s from me then GG. After writing we just waited.

Nasha, Clarissa, Jairia and I were sitting further from the lift while the others were just directly in front of the lift. All of a sudden I heard a commotion and a loud Korean female’s voice (Kyungri? Idk I might be hearing things) APA LAGI grabbed my stuff and dashed through to find Eunji. Saw Erine(?) wondered away from the group and looked at the food at the café. I was like “wah damn relax sia she walk alone only”. Dashed through all of them and found Eunji at the entrance. Heng ah didn’t miss her. But then I wasn’t prepare for what I was about to see. I saw Eunji holding a box of panadol flu relief. SHE’S SICK?! MY BIAS IS SICK?! My heart sank. I looked at her face. Even though she was smiling I could sense the sickness from her voice. The feeling is as though a baby cried while in your presence even though you did not do anything. That kind of heart-breaking feeling even though it wasn’t your fault.

I pointed to the panadol and asked whether she was sick and she said just a little bit. As she went to the first van I was like trying to say “get well soon” but stuttered and tried to repeat myself a few times. She said something like “I can’t hear. Can’t understand”. I went to follow her to the first van. I just stood there and the driver asked me the name of the group. I told him and remembered the plushie that was in my bag since Day 2. The door have already closed so I ask the driver whether he could pass it to her. He said I could pass it to him and he’ll pass it to her later on. Just as he finished his sentence the door opened. APA LAGI I whip out the plushie from my bag and proceeded to give it to Eunji. She thanked me and I thanked her back(what even).. I thought that was the last moment for me to give her something so I just went for it.

The CEO, managers, stylist then entered the van that Eunji was in. Managed to record that portion before the stylist asked me not to take pictures. Oh well I was already done anyway.

Us fans then decided to go speed shopping at ION Orchard. I was feeling so down at that moment. The other fans decided to shop for clothes while I was thinking of what to get for Eunji. Walked around ION a little bit and found Watson. Searched for something which would be good for her so I bought 2 bottles of Vitamin C tablets and tiger balm(idk i figured she had bodyache or something and hoped it would help) Met the others and went back to the hotel.

Wrote a small letter to her for her to get well soon and to take precaution before taking the tablets since I wasn’t sure if she has any allergies or things like that. Then we got word from the Malaysian Mines that Eunji and Sera was going back to the hotel. My heart slightly felt some joy as Eunji was coming back to the hotel to rest. The others were like “Let Fart go in front he needs to go to Eunji” (You guys are so caring and awesome I am so thankful and grateful to ya’ll.) Just soon enough a black tinted van reached the hotel. Eunji came out first and I went to her and passed her the bag of stuff. Told her to check before taking the tablets and she thanked me and went in. (I could’ve went in together with her but IDK why I just stood there after passing the stuff to her. Probably because I didn’t want to bother her since she’s unwell.)

Sera then came out with a SG guide(?) and all of us approached her. Couldn’t really remembered what they said/asked her but I remember telling Sera that I passed Eunji some tablets and asked her to check first before consuming them. Sera said okay and at that moment I hadn’t realised how hot Sera looked in real life. That was the first and only time I talked to her and first time I saw her so close.  Sera then proceeded to go up the lift but she doesn’t have the card so she was about to go the concierge to ask for the card. Then Yan asked her a question and Sera looked confused and asked us to wait there. *there’s a video of that lemme find it later* Sera then paced back and forth and there was a moment where she stood to talk to us for abit. I got a video of it but it’s very short and blurry. But wow Sera looks good in real life. Her top part of her shirt was translucent thus showing her cleavage. Yes,I saw it. They fans talked to Sera for awhile before she went to the back of the hotel and just disappeared.

Soon after Eunji came down and I was like “WTF”. She wasn’t wearing shades and I could see sick face (You know when people are sick they look slightly angry? Yeah Eunji looked like that). I completely froze and just watch her walking to the concierge. At first we thought she was looking for Sera so we told Yan to tell Eunji that. Eunji probably didn’t hear us properly and thought that we were looking for Sera so she said that she doesn’t know. So she was walking here and there, went up the lift, went down again and went to the concierge one more time. All of us were like kind of afraid of Eunji at that moment because you don’t know how crazy a sick person could be (Furthermore I was reminded of Eunji’s ‘dark and scary (an extreme parsonality)’ Credit: That made me fear her more atm) So I did not bother her with autographs or such and just watch her as she walks by. All of us actually. We turned around facing away from her as she was walking towards us but instead she asked us what we said earlier. Then Yan said that we said Sera had left and Eunji said she knows. The feeling of seeing your bias sick and seeing her in that mood just makes my mind blank and I just was confused with my emotions.

So we decided to wait outside for the remaining members. I was clueless as to what to do since Eunji was inside resting and didn’t want to bother the other fans with their biases. So I just decided to see which member was free and just ask for their autograph. The members then came in the vans and the fans just went to their biases while I stood there looking around. After there was some clearance I saw Hyemi giving her autograph to Xiao so I approached Hyemi after that.

Me : Sign (I did not greet her. Where are my manners)

Hyemi : Where?

Me : Here (Points to album cover)

Hyemi : Here?

Me : Yeah (Passes her silver marker)

MARKER BETRAYAL NO 2. As she signed my album I could see the ink wasn’t coming out properly. I was like “god damn shit no ink come let me change” but Hyemi just kept on signing so I did not ask her to change the marker. I thanked her after that and she went in.

It’s hard to see right?

Just then I saw Queen Sam.  Woah she’s quite tall, maybe slightly taller than me or about my height. Wasn’t sure if she was wearing heels though. So I was frantically flipping the page to find her picture and she just stood there waiting. (I apologize your highness for making you wait. I didn’t expect to be in your presence) So I finally found her page and passed her a white marker to sign (Damn the silver marker)

MARKER BETRAYAL NO 3. So as she started to sign she suddenly stopped and went “Oh?” The background was partly white and her signature could not be seen properly. HOW DUMB OF ME TO CHOOSE THAT PAGE. I wanted to change marker for her but she said “It’s okay” and just continue to sign. Thanked her after that and she went ahead. (Just realized that I could’ve asked for a picture together. Couldn’t process it in my brain as the Queen suddenly appeared and didn’t have time to register that request in my brain)

Sera came back alone after that and I think Clarissa passed the photos of us with the messages to her since they should be leaving for the airport soon.

The members came down and I saw Eunji wearing a brown turtle neck and the pink sweater she wore when she came here. I think there was another layer of sweater? Not really sure. She looked better than earlier. Probably had a power nap. The security, hotel staff and managers were damn cock blockers I tell you. No one got to get signatures or pass their gifts. I was standing on the left side but Eunji went to the van on the right. Waited for the security to lax and went over to the van that Eunji was in. She was sitting in the front and I waved at her like mad. She waved back with her dimple smile. I tried making a heart with my hands but failed because I was holding too many stuff. The look on her face was damn cute. She was like “what is this guy trying to do”-confused look. Put the things I was holding under my arm so I could do a heart shape properly. (Eunji was looking at me the whole time and probably thought what a pabo fan I was) She smiled and made the heart shape. My response to that was two thumbs up (I realized I respond to many things like that). Bowed and left quickly for the airport with Wayne, Clarissa and Suhaili.

The journey was longer than to MBS so I decided to take a nap. Didn’t know how long the nap was but woke up just as we reached Changi Airport. Told Suhaili that I took a nap and that I had a short dream. She asked what I dreamt about and I told her I can’t remember. She gave me the “WTF” look. (Thinking again I think I saw a man in my dream. Just a man. Can’t really picture clearly who or what he was doing though. Probably my soul that was taken by Eunji) Just as our cab stopped we saw the black vans passed us. Holy shit it was them. Wayne ran out because she was afraid she couldn’t pass her gift to her dear Mean…opps.. Minha. So Suhaili decided to settle the cab fare while we rushed out to the van.

Luckily the members hadn’t left the vans and were still inside.  Looked for Eunji and waved at her. She left the van soon after with one of the managers so Yoong Jun and I followed suit. Apparently she went to her luggage to take some stuff and then went out again. Yoong Jun and I just stood as she walked by but followed soon after as though we’re her escorts (LOL).  As soon as we were outside I saw the other fans mini-celebrating. Apparently Erine had took a photo of them. The other fans laughed when they saw my reaction and I gestured “1” with my fingers to Hyuna asking for another photo. (I thought Hyuna was the one who took it cos she was looking at us) So SUPER KIND Erine took another photo of us and tweeted it a day after. How thoughtful of her 

So the manager passed the photo messages from the second van to the first van and Eunji passed to the other members who were in the same van as her.  I saw her keeping another photo in the envelope while holding hers. I wonder which member did not took her photocard message yet. I saw her reading from the left part of the photocard. Slowly she moved over to the right side(I wrote my message on that part of the photocard). I saw her pulling her sun glasses down to take a closer look. She also looked very focus, possibly trying to decipher my handwriting (Sorry for my bad handwriting Eunji >.<). She probably didn’t read through everything but then she looked outside and pointed to my part of the photocard. I nodded like crazy and point to myself trying to say that that was my message to her. She smiled gratefully and I gave her thumbs up once more. Spam thumbs up because I don’t know how else to react.

Eunji then started to write on the window using her fingers. All of us were like anyhow hantam guess (I thought she’s going to write in Korean so I gave up guessing) and she shooked her head. She then started to write a T followed by H and we knew by then she’s going to write “Thank you.” to us. She drew a heart before erasing it using her sleeve (HOW CUTE CAN SHE GET). Nasha actually asked her to do it once more because none of us recorded it  when Eunji did it the first time. All of us were too overwhelm with feels of how gracious she was. She did it once more and all of us can’t stop going “Ohhh~~”. and did more aegyo. PARK EUNJI PLEASE. HER AEGYO POSES PLEASE DON’T BE SO CUTE YOU’RE ALREADY SICK BUT STILL DOING TO US FANS YOU’RE TOO MUCH HOW CAN I NOT LOVE YOU.

My fancam :

Viv’s fancam :


Eunji’s aegyo.

My fancam :

Viv’s :

Wayne’s :

Jairia and Viv thanked the CEO for coming and that he created the best girl group. His response was a heart over his head while swaying left to right. WAH a CEO can also be that cute ah? Didn’t saw Eunji laughing but heard from the others that she did.

As Eunji was preparing to get out of the van, Erine suddenly came out from the second van. She walked right infront of me and I just snapped some pictures. Following soon after was Hyuna. She did the goddess thing where she pushed her hair back. First and last time I saw her that close. Sam was the next one to come out and she was waving to the fans while smiling. (Could’ve gotten picture/autograph too but I was focused on Eunji) Soon after Eunji and Kyungri got out of the second van. (LOL at the difference in appearance between Eunji and Kyungri)

Didn’t saw the remaining members cos I went straight to Eunji.

First thing I said to her was “누나 잊지 마세요”. I guess she couldn’t understand my pronunciation so I just said “Don’t forget me.” Passed her my Sweet Rendezvous photo card of her and told her .“마지막” as in last signature that I would ask for. She stopped to sign and I asked if she remember my name.

Me : “Do you remember my name?”

Eunji : “Uhh uhh…”

Me : *showed her yesterday’s post it* “Fathih…”

Eunji : “Oh okay!”

Fathih : “Same phone, remember?” *shows her my phone*

Eunji : “Yes yes okay okay.”

The manager was asking to move so we moved in as she continue to sign the photocard. I don’t remember personally spelling my name out for her or giving her the post it. She continued writing some stuff and then *you can see by the video* 

A whole load of stuff happened while they were checking in(?). Eunji hugged sera. SEJI HAPPENED. Erine leaned and sat on Minha. Just waving and giving hearts to them happened then. Once I put my hands over my head to make a heart and Eunji saw and put her hands on her head (she tried making a heart). As they walked over to the departure hall (the end of all ends) we followed along. I saw another person asking Eunji for her autograph (you don’t know how I wanted to cockblock that person so much) but I just let it slide. As Eunji crossed the gate, I shouted “  은지누나 사랑해!!” I saw her raising her hand and waving (acknowledging me?). Us fans just stood there waving/taking pictures until they were totally out our sight. We bid farewell to the Malaysian Mines and then made our way back home and back to our daily life.

MISSION STATUS : Get other albums autographed. Get Eunji to remember my name (I assumed she did)

Super grateful to each and every one of #10Muses for the memories that has been created. 131230, 131231, 140101 & 140102 will always be in my mind. Got so much from those 4 days. Met so many great people, spent so much hours waiting but all in all I would say that it was worth it. With anything there will be regrets but like what Viv likes to say “EUNJI POKED YOUR CHEEK DON’T COMPLAIN”, I shall not complain and just be thankful of all that I’ve gotten. To Viv,Xiao,Yan,Suhaili,Jairia,Wayne,Nasha,Rachel,Clarissa, Nine Muses and many others who made this happen and memorable. THANK YOU. 

Thank you for reading and please show your love and support for Nine Muses.





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